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About Me

At Peaceful Valley Life Coaching I believe that life coaching is an incredible way to guide those in need of finding the truth within themselves. I specialize in providing a safe environment to allow clients to open old wounds, past trauma and or anything that holds their life from being what they deserve it to be. Life should not be about surviving, life should be about thriving, laughter, conquering, growing, healing and communicating in a safe way.


Specializing in Trauma and it's effects


If you are alive, you have experienced some form of anxiety: a test, a due date, work deadline, family disagreements, etc. While we may all have gone through these or similar circumstances, they should not control our lives or our actions. However, sometimes life speeds faster than our feet can run, we become overwhelmed with emotions and fail to acknowledge ourselves and our emotions. Let me help you learn to live in a world that does not stop for anyone in a more peaceful way, reaching the serenity that is already inside of you.


Have you ever been depressed, or have you even realized you were? You may be surprised to know that there are people that are depressed and do not realize it. Some signs of depression could be seen in lack of interest, being tired all the time, being withdrawn, or even procrastinating. Some people believe that the only way out is to medicate. Even though medication has its place, it's not the only way out. There are so many other options that we can explore together. Dare yourself to come out of your comfort zone and live life to its fullest. What are you waiting for? This is the beginning to a life full of color, adventure, laughter, and true joy. Stop simply existing and live life to the max. 


Isn't it amazing to see through the different lenses of other peoples eyes? We are all different. Our emotions, experiences, past hurts, and fears shape who we are today. Sometimes our relationships suffer because we lack communication skills. We lack not the desire to fix what's wrong, but the tools to listen to one another to make our relationships work. We want to be heard, but we do not listen very well, we want to be forgiven but lack forgiveness.  For our relationships to blossom, we have to give and take, listen and be heard, love and be loved. I remember someone stating, "I give 50%, this other person should give 50% as well." Well, if I remember correctly, when we take a test 50% is failing, we have to give 100% of us to see a change in any situation. Any relationship can be transformed, I have seen it time and time again.  

Couples Guidance

Love is a beautiful thing. At the very beginning taking a bite in front of that significant other can be unbearable just thinking of what mistake you could make that could change that dinner date. Thinking of the time you will spend together may cause you to lose focus at work or daydreaming while driving; but for some add reason when couples finally have acquired that person's love, commitment, and trust; everything gets taken for granted. Kids come along and couples no longer make each other a priority, they get sucked into the awful routine of life. Losing the respect, dignity, honesty, and unconditional love that they ones promised to each other. Love should be forever; it was created for an eternity. Let's rekindle the trust, compassion, kindness, respect and passion that was ones promised. Being in love shouldn't stop at "I do."


Trauma touches every community. From disease, death, abandonment, sexual abuse, divorce, an unwanted abortion and betrayal; they all leave a trace of trauma in our minds, hearts and bodies. This world is getting worse by the day, we need a ray of sunshine in the darkness. Trauma leaves a scar so deep, that we may feel we may never come out of the pain and shame we are experiencing; but it is possible. Every day has a morning and evening, what we were not able to accomplish yesterday we have today to do. Do not give up. You can and will succeed. You will see the sunrise tomorrow. Put one foot in front of the other. I am here, I will help you, hold your hand and guide you through this process. Just know you have made the most important step, you are here!

Coaching Adolescents

Growing up I remember hearing my mother say, "those are growing pains." Being an adolescent in this generation is not easy at all. All the misconceptions, confusion, unstructured environment they live in is very painful. They suffer the bullying of students, teachers and sometimes parents alike; they barely have a safe space to call home. Divorce is ramped in this world, giving them no safe parent for true, genuine, unconditional advice let alone love. Divorced parents focused so much on which parent is right that they lose focus on the life they have brought to this world to care, protect, guide and love despite their differences. We have misguided them, and many times end up making the same mistakes our older generation made with us. We have to break the cycle and heal to be better; we have to be better for them. Our future generation depends on us, let's do this for our future peace.

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