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Lisa and NeisMarie, from Orlando, FL

My teenager has given a big change, she does not look depressed as before. We both have learned how to communicate and fix bad situations together. My daughter feels super comfortable with you and is able to communicate her frustrations openly and feels a sense of peace. She said the other day, "I have a powerful Coach."

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Nena, from Miami, FL

Joanitza is a devoted and loving life coach. She genuinly cares about helping people achieve their best."

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Ruthie and Celine, from West Plains, MO

"I came to Joanitza broken, and with God’s help, she took me in her care. Not just me but my daughter as well. God knew the day I sent that intake application who I needed to heal and move forward for the series of trials that affected my life. With love and care, Joanitza saw my tears, managed the brokenness, went beyond, and directed me to God’s way. Her assistance also helped my baby girl to find her voice."

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Daniela, from Russia

The first time I met Jo I gained a kind, wise, caring and sympathetic friend. She truly cares about me deeply and goes beyond to help. She is very professional and humble at the same time.

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Sara, from Spain

"But I will restore to health and heal your wounds." Jeremiah 30:17 

Thanks to Joanitza I have been able to start a process in which many of my wounds caused in the past have begun to heal.

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Joanitza Aparicio is an exceptional life coach. Her presence is warm and inviting. As the founder and owner of Peaceful Valley Life Coaching, her approach goes beyond the norm of coaching. She brings the power of faith into her sessions and delivers transformative heling. Joanitza's wisdom, peaceful demeanor, and loving truth encourage clients to move forward in their lives with purpose and practical tools to be victorious. 


Charity, Morristown, TN

Joanitza was one of my beautiful blessings during the deepest healing journey of my life. When my life turned upside down, she helped me to unraveled years of misguided beliefs that held me captive. Joanitza has a unique gift of connecting with people that gives you freedom to process unhealed trauma so that you can live your life healed and whole. I'm grateful she was a part of my healing journey and recommended her to anyone who is ready to embrace their own healing journey. 


Dawn, Burlington, WA

Joanitza helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. Her being a Christain only made it more comforting. She was always just a call away and always had the right words.


Katelyn, White Pine, TN

Metting Joanitza has been life changing for me and my loved ones. I didn't think healing was possible without having my abuser apologize or change, but Joanitza taught me that healing comes within. She has taught me so many tools to apply to my life and to teach my daughters to be strong women who love the Lord. She has a gift that she is sharing with the world, and I thank God she is in my life. 

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Savannah, Morristown,TN

Joanitza has a heart of gold. She is caring and treat her clients like family. She is the perfect choice for someone needing help healing their mind, heart and soul. 

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